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The development of fiberglass boats has freed the yachtsman of much of the care and maintenance previously required for his yacht. Improvements in the development of marine windows reflect the same advancement. Go industries, founded in 1971 then acquired by Maritech in 2023, is the foremost manufacturer of high-quality, vinyl framed marine windows. With a commitment to offer carefree maintenance, quality, non-corrosive materials and ease of installation, Maritech Industries strives to serve all their customers by producing not only standard, but also custom built marine windows.

We are looking for pictures of our windows in your sail or power boat. If you would like them featured on our website, please email them to with a brief description of the vessel!

Unique Patented Design

Maritech windows are manufactured using a white, high impact weather resistant vinyl plastic frame. Rigid vinyl can withstand most chemicals that are used by a yachtsman on his boat, including paint thinner and acetone. The vinyl frame, when used with plastic panes, will conform easily to curved cabin sides. The most important advantage of all is no corrosion.


Installation of Maritech windows was designed with the yacht owner in mind. The windows install using the “clamp” method as illustrated in the drawings below. Both the outer frame, which holds the pane material, and the inner trim ring come pre-drilled and the necessary stainless fastening screws are provided. After the old windows are removed, and the cabin side is cleaned of all impurities, simply apply a quality sealing compound to the inside of the exterior frame and place the window in the cut-out. The interior trim ring is then screwed in place and the installation is complete.

Four Basic Types

Fixed - Maritech Industries has the capability to manufacture almost any shape or size window.  Fixed windows are available with our standard heavy duty frame.  The standard frame can have a 1 -1/2", 1- 7/8", 2-1/2", 3", 4" and/or 6" corner radius as well as mitered corners. The heavy duty frame is available with a 2-1/2” or 4-1/2” radius, or with mitered corners.

Sliding-Sliding windows have a number of unique features that are available only with Maritech windows. With plastic pane windows (Lucite S.A.R.), the handle used to slide the window open and closed are glued as well as screwed on to assure that they will not come off. Large drain holes are provided on the outside.  Plus a “splash guard” , which is clear plastic strip , is glued on the inside. These two features work together to make Maritech sliding windows one of the most leak-proof windows available.  Standard frame sliding windows come in 1-7/8” , 2-1/2" , 3” or 4"radius, and/or mitered corners.  Heavy frame sliding windows are available with a 2-1/2” or 4-1/2” radius, or mitered corners. 

Custom radiuses are available upon request.

Hinged - Ventilation has always been a problem on most power boats. Maritech Industries has the answer to this in the form of a hinged windshield.  Like all Maritech windows, the hinged window can be made to almost any shape or size with the use of our unique vinyl frame. All hinged windows use high quality stainless steel wind-shield adjusters to hold the hinged pane open in any position. When closed, screw down dogs are used to make a water-tight seal.


Removeable - We are currently working with USCG to satisfy new egress requirements for inspected vessels. In most cases we are able to make either a sliding, hinged or removable window with latches or tension knobs in place of an existing fixed window! Contact us for more info!

Standard Or Heavy Duty Frame

All Three window types are available in either standard or heavy-duty frame material.  The standard will accommodate a cabin thickness between 1/8" and 3/4". The heavy duty will work with cabins thickness ranging between 7/8 and 2" inch. We can adapt to thicker than 2" cabins upon request.

Choice Of Pane Material

Maritech windows can be made with panes of plexiglass, Lucite S.A.R. (super abrasion resistant), tempered glass, or upon special request, Lexan Margard.  All are avail-able in various tint colors as well as clear.  One of our design engineers can assist in the pane and thickness choice best for your particular needs.

Many Standard Configurations

Since Maritech windows have been the choice of various manufacturers as standard equipment, we have many production patterns in stock.  When requesting a quotation, please give us the boat type and length as well as the “block” dimensions so that we can check your windows against our patterns. Because Maritech Industries makes windows as they are ordered, changing the size of your existing windows can be done at little to no extra cost.


Justin O.

Very friendly and informative , estimate and turn around time were exactly as they said, after sending a template , the two windows i ordered installed effortlessly and fit perfectly, I should also mention pricing was more reasonable than 4 other manufactures i spoke with for same product

Garth G.

Cannot believe anyone has not yelped this business yet.  I have an old US Yachts boat.  The original window maker went out of business but somehow that business found its way to Mark Plastics. I dealt directly with Mark  I had just a small single window but you would have thought I was placing a huge order.  Mark spent a ton of time with me on the phone, walked me through what he needed and built me a replacement boat window within a week. Absolutely fabulous and a big shoutout to San Francisco Boat Works for steering me to Mark Plastics.

Andrew E.

Mark at Mark Plastics is great! I'm about to place my third order with him, which will be the final batch needed to replace all ports in my old 1976 Islander 36. The new ports were a perfect fit, which was a big relief as I had to lug them on an international flight. Mark's office is low-tech - best to call and leave a message. He always calls back.

Duane S.

Love the new windows and nice to be able to see through the windows now! (old plastic window were crazed and with the sun on them it was like having shades pulled down)! The color tint is perfect! The windows went in easy with just a bit of trimming! The opening galley window sure helps remove the moisture while cooking. Many Thanks for a job well done!! Duane Sheehan

December 2023

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